Monday, March 31, 2008

New joke, by Joey

Joey's been making his own jokes for awhile now, but they're finally starting to be funny!


What do you call an ant that looks really nice?


Friday, March 28, 2008


But don't blink!

My dirty clothes basket is empty! Just for a second. As soon as I walk down the hall I'm sure to trip over a single sock or a discarded-ketchup shirt, but you see, my laundry basket, it's empty!!

I suppose this is what happens when you're having this kind of a week. This is our spring break. Breaking from seasons. Last week we wrapped up our swimming lesson season. Joey lead us out by doing a flip off the diving joke. My heart flipped right along with him. Next week is the kick off (you're sure to see photos if I can get my camera fixed) to soccer season. Joey is going back for the second year, and Nate is a rookie who slept with his soccer ball last night and wore his cleats all day today.

This week- it was supposed to be play week. We break with the schools so we didn't school this week, and I'm so grateful...we're ALL sick (though I've been much worse). With the exception, thankfully, of Mr. Right. Eli ran a fever for several days, the rest of us are puny and hacking like crazy. One day we watched tv nearly all day...enough of that. The rest of the week has been pleasant enough with gobs and gobs board games and a trip to the library to freshen up the book supply. Joey has a new-found love for books on tape too, ahhh.

So this sick week got my laundry all caught up. Luckily, it's not the kind of sick that sends the laundry to the back of the line out my front door. My blogs are catching up too. Ha!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Hero...

Tonight Eli says: "Mom, those bad guys are coming to tie you up!"
Mom thinks: Where does my boy learn this stuff?! Boys!
Mom says: "Tie me up? Why would they want to do that? I'm a nice mommy!"
Eli: "I'll save you mom, I'm going to squirt tomato juice at them!"
Mom: "You're going to save me?"
Eli sprays tomato juice out of the same amazing finger that can give people "super lightning." "Fsssssssss."
Eli: "Now they're all dirty mom."

Yeah, my two year old knows the greatest weapon against evil...dirty bad guys in tomato juice.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nate Says...

When I grow up I’m going to be in the circus. I’m going to hold two balls in my hand, and a stick, juggling a ball and kicking a ball with my foot, and hold the earth while I’m jumping up and down.


I just got an email from a friend, a girl I was acquainted with in high school. Truth be told, back then I knew her little brother far better than her (he and I were in the same class) but last year I discovered her blog. Since then she and I have developed a cyber-relationship. We read each others' blogs.

Today I got an email from her and it was so weird. Like "oh, you're talking to me?" I got so use to reading her blog I forgot to have regular old-fashioned email conversation with her.

So I decided today that from here on out, at minimum, when I visit your blog, I will ALWAYS leave a comment. If I have nothing to say about your blog, then I might just tell you how my day is going or ask you if you like my new hair-cut. BUT, I promise, you'll hear from me. I will not be a cyborg preaching out into space at no one and everyone. I am woman, hear me type!

Off the subject, my sister, my witty lovely sister wrote a hilarious it if you have a minute. Frumpilicious.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Early Eli says...

6:30 this morning, Eli says;

"Ewww....Mom, did you toot?"
Mom: "No." (really, I didn't)
Eli: "Mom, did I toot?"

Saturday, March 22, 2008


So, this is another invitation. An invitation for you to come check out my sister blog...sister because it's a compliment to this blog, and because my sister is writing there with me. I am looking for more authors! You do NOT need to be homeschooling to contribute, just a parent, grandparent or teacher in some capacity. Come and see what we've started! Teachable is here.


I miss my camera!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Life continues to fly by these days.

I did get to go to the ladies retreat last weekend. As far as I can remember, it was the first time in 6 years that I went anywhere overnight without immediate family. What a treat! It was so fun, relationships bloom when you spend the wee hours together. It was fun, and I haven't recovered. I need sleep. Funny how I think I'll come home refreshed...and I just need a nap. God's been sticking with the reoccur ant theme for me, turning things over to Him, living a lighter, more peaceful life because I can trust Him to take care of this. A favorite quote I came home with "He is responsible, I am responsive." I just need to do what I am able, and He's responsible for taking what I can offer and caring for the rest. And ahhhh....I can rest.

I'm getting to put that into practice today. My dear friend, a 33 year old breast cancer survivor, mother of four, has been going through a lot lately. She has a thyroid biopsy tomorrow, then a rib-removal surgery next month. Today her 4 year old had an emergency surgery to remove a fast growing lump on his leg. The doctors are keeping him for observation for the week, they fear a big bad bacteria bug. Please pray for Nate's little friend, Josh, that his body will heal quickly and that this will be a fast passing problem!

Now, I'm going to slip in to my jammies, and catch this week's Biggest Loser....trivial, I know, but reality tv is a nice break. :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Some of you are probably wondering if I died by flu, but no, I have recovered! Thank you for asking, my regular readers! It's good to be considered. I did have that nasty respritory flu, but I was thankfully the only one in the house to have it. I was down for a good week, then it took another to recover. I'm still coughing on occasion, but back up and running as of last week and feeling pretty good. Our week since has been booked, lots of playing to catch up on....and my fabulous in-laws came this weekend. I must brag here, they are so much fun! When we get together, there is a LOT of playing and resting. I didn't cook the entire time they were here! Fabulous! Mom and I went to the spa, I got a much needed facial and lunch at Crouton's (mmmmm)! The guys went golfing...there were walks and bike rides, trip to the park and a treat for the boys @ McD's. We saw a movie from the 60's...Gamera, about a monster turtle that tried to take over Japan until, of course, all nations cooperated in sending the turtle to mars in a rocketship. Perfect! My MIL also put highlights in my hair and did a FABULOUS job, I love it. (Serious overusage of the word Fabulous here). I cannot, however send a photo, as my camera is BROKEN!!!! I will remedy this soon, but I missed a million good photo ops this my Nate riding his bike on two wheels!! What a kid! It's been great, and Eli totes along on his diego bike w/ training wheels. Joe is almost too fancy for himself on his bike now, riding offroads in the housing lot that's dirt and rock up the street. Yeah for dirt. I just love these squeezy boys.

Last week we made a trip to BIG R (where my dad now works in the machine mainanance and service dept) to see the shipment of baby chicks....or "chips" as Eli calls them. So yummy cute. They'd look so cute in an Easter basket, if only they didn't poop and stayed so little...and Tucker wouldn't pounce on them and have them for breakfast.

This is a pic of Joey at swim lessons yet again, our favorite winter sport, who has now nearly mastered the high dive...and Nate doing his back float, all belly.

Nate got a toy turtle for Christmas, which he has kindly named "turd." It's all I can do to keep my giggles in when he says, "I'm going to play with Turd." Like they need yet another new "potty" word. As it is, I'm constantly reigning them in....their "spanish" word for penis...."wenis." OF COURSE it needs a spanish word!

This weekend I'm so happy to announce that I'm going to a women's retreat at my church....for the first time in years w/o a baby. I'm really stinking excited (way more than my sweet hubby is) and will give you an update later. Until I have more rattling around in my head to share....

No spell check...sorry folks.

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