Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Life continues to fly by these days.

I did get to go to the ladies retreat last weekend. As far as I can remember, it was the first time in 6 years that I went anywhere overnight without immediate family. What a treat! It was so fun, relationships bloom when you spend the wee hours together. It was fun, and I haven't recovered. I need sleep. Funny how I think I'll come home refreshed...and I just need a nap. God's been sticking with the reoccur ant theme for me, turning things over to Him, living a lighter, more peaceful life because I can trust Him to take care of this. A favorite quote I came home with "He is responsible, I am responsive." I just need to do what I am able, and He's responsible for taking what I can offer and caring for the rest. And ahhhh....I can rest.

I'm getting to put that into practice today. My dear friend, a 33 year old breast cancer survivor, mother of four, has been going through a lot lately. She has a thyroid biopsy tomorrow, then a rib-removal surgery next month. Today her 4 year old had an emergency surgery to remove a fast growing lump on his leg. The doctors are keeping him for observation for the week, they fear a big bad bacteria bug. Please pray for Nate's little friend, Josh, that his body will heal quickly and that this will be a fast passing problem!

Now, I'm going to slip in to my jammies, and catch this week's Biggest Loser....trivial, I know, but reality tv is a nice break. :)

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