Monday, December 21, 2015

December Ramblings

A lot has happened since September. I am longing for the simplicity of a daybook but instead I'll do a little update.  

October brought a huge amount of change for our family. The girls that we'd had in our home for months were moved to another foster home. Thats a story in and of itself, I'll simply say that d's needs were far beyond that of the average 2 year old. This was a devaststing decision to make and has been a very, very sad loss for all of us. We are all sad & grieving.

Just following the girls' move, we moved into a new to us home. Our new home is fantastic. We all love it & Ralph & I are thankful to have so much less work & fewer projects ahead of us. It's just 2 miles from our other home, still close to my parents' home, too. 

Ralph and I had our 15th wedding anniversary in October, too. We went away for a long weekend & enjoyed all of the time catching up. Our whole family has been in a lag of emotional recovery. The time was away was really great. This man, he loves me so. 

Today we are enjoying the Christmas break. Grocery shopping, haircuts & laundry. Maybe we'll do cookies tomorrow.