Monday, September 7, 2015

Quiet in the flurries

Watching the coffee drip in the dark kitchen I'm thinking long and hard about where I am today.

About things lost, about how the good things sometimes get pushed out in the face of busy-duties, people and the complications of life.  I'm remembering the days that I could stop and quiet myself at the wind blowing through the trees, quiet myself because that's God showing His grace & beauty right there.

He quiets my heart, my soul can rest because of who He is, how He loves me.

I heard last week that the minute you begin to put your hope in someone, that's the minute they're destined for failure.  Where is my hope?  Where is my mind meditating?  I need rest for my soul, not the demands that people lay on me, that I lay on myself.

This morning I will turn and slow my heart and soul...

'My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him; He alone is my rock and my salvation, He is my fortress I will never be shaken.  -Ps. 62:1

In real time life is a flurry.  Our Sweet little one (I'll call her Delight) has been with us for 95 days. It's remarkable to see the changes that have happened in her in those days.  Things were very, very tough for about two and a half months.  She is confused, she is betrayed, she is lost in this giant world.  I believe that she is beginning to feel more a part of our family, I am so thankful for that.

God's timing has really been amazing in all of this, too.

In October we started the process of our licensing.  This month was a significant month for Delight.
In May we received our license.
In June, Delight needed a place to stay awhile, she came to us.
In June, we had finished school and I had all of my heart, arms and attention ready for Delight. She needed every ounce of that for quite awhile.
Mid August, Delight began to settle.  She wrapped her sweet little arms around my neck and gave me real hugs.  She relished coming "home" and started talking about tiny friends from church and Gospel Community.
In September we will be opening our home to little sister, a teeny I have long anticipated.

Can I interrupt to say that I prayed, specifically, while we waited to be licensed, for two little girls, sisters that would have a sister of their very own?  

School is up and running, and there is so much happening in our little world I need to slow like never before.  While it is quiet, while it is dark, I'm going to tip toe to my quiet room and pray.  Lord, let me find rest in You, alone.