Saturday, January 5, 2013

A lot of photos & silly excuses

I miss blogging.

I have been sitting around this evening, catching up on blog posts that are months old, how very sad.  Where once my life was a struggle to NOT think about everything I could blog, these days blogging has fallen to the back burner, the back of my mind, the back of the line and I'm just sad about it.

I wonder if it's the new location of our computer.  We have it placed in a spot that makes it seriously uncomfortable for me to work.  I'm looking on Craig's List for a small table or desk that would better suffice.  But the truth is that I'm just out of hours, life is full and good.

I have made time to do other things lately;

mass quantity dinners, 

making warmth and keeping warm,

keeping my busy boys busy,

making crafty Christmas things with those busy boys,

sitting at a desk in a quiet room with my cat, God and a lot of thoughts and some good books,

keeping boys busy learning to crochet,

enjoying Winter,

mass producing warmth,

admiring this painting (from my in-laws house),

watching snowball fights,

loving my morning view,

spending Christmas with family,

e*hem.  Yes, lots of this,

staring into their sweet eyes,

keeping warm with my Mama whilst those boys skate on the ice,

how could I not stare into those eyes?

having a fun date night with my 7 year old boy,

enjoying our new Settler's expansion pack (Thank You, Sister!)

...and pictionary with the family, of course!

And now it's January 5 and January 7 is the beginning of school again.  Things are going well with school but I've found that I'm spending more time there this year (not unexpected, as the boys get older.)  I'm loving the Latin for Children curriculum we've started, and I'm loving that my oldest boy is doing more and more of his own work and scheduling for school.  

I'll be trying to stop around here more often, I really enjoy this quiet little corner of my world...and I do love to share photos, and I have gobbs of photos.