Monday, February 13, 2012

Class Cut-Up

Mom to little boy with a cold: How are you feeling?
Eli: Better than getting struck with lazers. Better than a rock.


Mom: "That sound makes me want to climb the walls."
Eli: "That would be cool, Mom."


I recently told Eli during school (what a mistake) that he was quite a cut-up, a class clown.  A few days later I overheard him telling one of my friends that "If our school had a circus, I would be the school clown."  

Wait a minute, isn't our school a circus?  Three rings and all.  His translation cracked me up....a class clown would be part of the school circus.  :)  Cute boy, he is!  Oh, here he is, and he needs his Darth Vader costume strapped up in the back.  Gotta run...