Friday, December 28, 2007

Fourth Generation

I took this photo this summer, but I just really looked at it. I was amazed, and what's the word....just felt beautiful when I saw the beauty in this photo. This is my dear grandma, Ione, and her great-grandson, Joaquin. I hope you enjoy this too.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Feeling the love?

Okay, for those of you that sent me photos in your Christmas cards this year...thank you! I just love these photos, its' a grand way for me to catch up with all of you, and it's become a hobby of sorts, I keep all your photos in albums. ( I have four now) It's a great way to watch your families grow and change. So next year, if you're pondering whether or not to do photos next year, please do! I love them! Merry Christmas to all my friends!
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Christmas Eve

Here we the midst of opening packages. Me in my new Christmas jammies. Need a little pink in this house to keep things sane.

Little loves his new Spiderman jammies too. Any of you that know him know that he likes to be naked or in Jammies....all the time. Jammies are good for him. Okay, ok, I'll try not to post too many photos. I just have so much fun with this...sharing all this with you all.
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Merry Christmas~

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Cookie Decorating Party

My chickens and a nephew decorate....spaceman and the alien in full costume. Boys!
Chicker goes for the yellow
How's the icing Meg?
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Another Round

Thanks a million for the fabulous gifts, Nanna and Grandpa! Lego's are right up Joey's alley right now. He worked hard at building this dump truck until it was done, and it's great. What an accomplishment for his little hands.
Nate shows the thrill of the newest toy...his very own Thomas Train!
Eli loves his book...and all the other goodies too!
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Man at work

Don't you love watching a man at work? I adore it! Ralph has been constructing this tree house (minus the tree) for months now, but it's really coming along now, with the new Home Depot open down the street and all. Before we had to drive about 20 miles to get there, now Ralph visits...maybe daily. So now I have visions of what the final treehouse will look like, slide, zipline, sandbox and all. It is a gift to me, though Ralph thinks he's doing it for the kids. The boys spend hours out there playing=happy mama.
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I'm dreaming of an early Christmas

That's just what these chickens got this year. A few days before Christmas we opened one package from my sister, Hazel's family. It was so fun for the boys to have something new to chew on for a few days before the gift rush. I highly recommend this. It softens the anticipation, gives them some space to play with something new before opening something else immediatley, and keeps Christmas from getting to big. The boys were happy to pose for a pre-opening photo.
Look at that face! Nate was shocked and so excited at such a big toy!

Over a hundred peices, but wonderful little tiny things, carrots, flowers, and Eli's favorite...a handful of chickens. Somehow they keep flying the coop and I find the lot of them all over, next to my bed, in the closet, in the tub. They're well loved chickens, they are. At last, a toy all can play with and share (pretty well.) Thanks Auntie Hazel & Uncle Joe!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


1 John 4:9-10

9 God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. 10 This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas 2001

This was our second Christmas together, Ralph and I had been married just over a year when we had Joey. We lived (yes, yet another home) in Manteca, CA in our first house. Joey was just a month old in these photos. The first is obviously of our little family. The second photo is important, you see, this photo has three of the four generations in it. Joey is the 4th. What a special name! And just think....he was almost Simon Joseph. The third photo is obviously me, my mom & dad & Joey. The last is of Joey in his caterpillar suit on dad's lap. What a way to start out life!

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Christmas 2002

Alameda, CA was our place of residence in 2002. Ralph worked in Oakland, and his company had a fabulous party on something like the 36th floor of a building overlooking the square in San Francisco. It was so fun, could have danced all night.
This was a memorable trip to Bodega Bay with my folks~ this is a favorite photo of mine. What a blustery fine day.
I was there too.
Afterward, we went to a resturaunt on the coast for a cup of yummy clam chowder. Joey was just a tidbit then. How time flies!
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Christmas 2003

This was our first Christmas in Leesburg. We really had just started settling in there in the townhouse. Joe got to experience his first big snow there...the first part of his life was in CA. No snow in the bay area.
The next photo is me, an the tree. I was REALLY ready to have Nate. He was born January 7, thanks to a little castor oil. Ever tried that stuff? NASTY. I really didn't think it'd work b/c most of it came back up, but it did. In just 4 short hours I went into labor. Ahh, sweet relief.
The photo of Ralph and Joe is a pre-Christmas dinner photo. Our first Christmas w/o other family around. A little lonely, but an important part of our lives together.
The last is another Nate photo. He's all ready to come!

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Christmas 2004

Rub a dub, these sweet boys were takin a tub in our Leesburg, Wirt St house.
I took Nate and Joe to the mall to do Santa photos...but just took my own. I was surprised that they let me . Look at those sweet little guys!
This is Nate out in the back yard. In our Leesburg house we had a heavenly 1/2 acre, the boys loved roaming around back there. Gotta miss that!
This photo was taken of the boys and I just days before Christmas. Little did I know, I was barely pregnant with Eli. I found out on Christmas Eve! A gift of a lifetime!
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Christmas 2006

December of 2006....this is a sweet photo of my boys in the backyard with a little snow. And yes, I got out there too, 'cause I'm not allergic and I love a good snowball fight once a year. Do you have any idea how much work it is to get three boys in snowsuits, hats, Oh, and me too. This photo was taken over Christmas at my dear in-laws' house. Mom and dad are posing as Santa and Ruloph I suppose. They're so fantastic that way. This photo forever freezes the image of Nate hugging his Christmas present, which he frequently does. Once he hugged a piece of pizza. No joke.
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