Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas 2003

This was our first Christmas in Leesburg. We really had just started settling in there in the townhouse. Joe got to experience his first big snow there...the first part of his life was in CA. No snow in the bay area.
The next photo is me, an the tree. I was REALLY ready to have Nate. He was born January 7, thanks to a little castor oil. Ever tried that stuff? NASTY. I really didn't think it'd work b/c most of it came back up, but it did. In just 4 short hours I went into labor. Ahh, sweet relief.
The photo of Ralph and Joe is a pre-Christmas dinner photo. Our first Christmas w/o other family around. A little lonely, but an important part of our lives together.
The last is another Nate photo. He's all ready to come!

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