Saturday, November 22, 2008

A weekend guest

Last weekend we got to 'keep' a my friend, Kristin's daughter while she was out of town . It was great fun, we played games, chatted, grocery shopped, watchedh part of the Wizard of Oz (Mandi'd never seen it!) It was really fun. I sat in on Youth Group for awhile too, between that and doing Girl Talk at the church I'm getting lots of girl time. A very different perspective as well. !

Have the weekend with Mandi was really great. Mandi is tender-hearted toward others, has a great sense of humor and loves God with her whole heart. She loves her mom and dad so much and I can see the hard evidence of all their loving persitance with Mandi. That's a great encouragement to those of us that don't yet see how our days and nights of work and love pay off....

Thanks for hanging out with us Mandy, you and friends are welcome here anytime!
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Cathy said...

She is blessed to have you in her life, just like I have been. And I'm sure she is big blessing to you!

Jenny said...

I Like Mandy, too! I wish I knew her better.