Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 5 Daily Book

Outside my window...It's still dark for now, but skies have been blue and clear, for that I'm thankful.  

I am thankful for... the quiet of the morning.   I seem to have a bit of an early internal clock.  But I really look forward to the early morning when I'm the only one sneaking around the house.  
Ralph got me a Kindle for a belated birthday gift.  I never thought I'd enjoy one, but I'm thankful to read Les Mis without squinting at my phone or hauling around a 10 lb book.

From the learning rooms... This is our first full week working through the new Latin curriculum, Latin for Children.  So far I really like it.  I think learning how to use a new curriculum can be a job within itself!  But we're at home (no CC for a few weeks) and I'm enjoying focusing on our Boys Noise School.

We take school to the library every week or so.  Very cozy. 

From the kitchen...This week I'm making mass batches of Tuna Casserole & Lemon-Poppyseed muffins for the freezer and our tummies.  

I am wearing...jammies, robe, long socks.  It's early here yet.  

This is an honest picture.  The boys gathered around our sweet little tree for a photo...Joey promptly stepped on Lijh's toes.  This is what I captured.  :)
I am creating...a new method of chores for our family.  It's working quite well.  Rather than each to their own several chores, we've been doing chores together.  We tackle things like de-sticking the kitchen table & chairs, detailing the car, cleaning all the bathrooms.  It's been really effective for me, and the boys all voted to work together.  I am also getting to teach better as we go to be sure that things get done correctly and well.  No sense in doing 1/2 chores.  I really like this system for this season.

I am going...to work again toward letting my children suffer their own consequences when they fail.  This is hard for me.  

I am reading...Les Miserables.  The boys and I began a new Advent book yesterday and I fell in love with it right away.  Jotham's Journey, it's called.  

Nate painted this sweet little elf.  It's not finished, he says.  But I love it anyway.
I am hoping...to go back to the doctor today, get some better drugs.  I still have this sinus infection...I'm really ready to be well.

I am hearing...clock tick. That's all.  Waiting to hear the coffee pot kick on.  
Around the house...been scrubbing.  

One of my favorite things...having the tree up in Advent, all the twinkle-sparkle lights around the house!

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, karate, a meeting or two, little this, little of that.  

Here is picture thought I am sharing...