Friday, October 29, 2010


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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Friday

Sometimes the the days all run together, streams running into a building river. The river, whose current pulls at me until I feel I'm flying by every moment without a chance to stop. To stop and see color. To see detail.I creep out of bed and wander down to my bright-eyed-boys. I scoop them up, those boys wondering what is just so special about the sunrise. It comes up, it goes down.
And maybe that's just it. Up it comes, and each morning I catch a glimpse out of my bedroom window. Then in the bathroom, that sun, it keeps coming. And I look at the mist on the river and think "I really should go down there." But then that stream of duty and things-to-be-done pull me hard and fast spinning down the river.

And I tell those boggled boys that today is different because today we will stop and watch that sun rise over the river. In jammies and sweatshirts we hike on down and discover a perfect beach, a perfect place to sit and linger over coffee....
Directions: Warmly dress boys, add nature and let simmer. Sit and sip coffee and look at every.little.thing around me.

Watch sun rise, see the effects. Play with stones, feel the weight of them in your hand.
See color. Then just try and drag little bold and curious boys home, home from the sunrise. From the moment of the day. I am never, ever sorry for stopping. Never, ever sorry for climbing up to the river bank to look, to listen and love life. Never Sorry.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Watched Pot Will Someday Boil

It's the task that you hammer away at.

Day after day you water, feed, give light and wait...



wait for the little synapses to connect. Wait for that seed you planted to take root and grow fruit.

And most days it feels like waiting for that pot, watching and waiting.

Then one day you wake up and the day feels normal. Climb out of bed and pray for wisdom in the day with a 5 year old wrapped around your legs under a blanket on the couch. Breakfast and books & pages of numbers. A doctor's appointment and stop at the local office store.

Then come home to snuggle up to some reading work. Always start with the littlest student. His work usually takes the least time, and the biggers can work quietly while the little one gets some mama-teach-time. And you open that book and talk about sounds and then it happens.

He reads a word. Mama squeals and bursts into laughter and tickles that sweet 5 year old because he just learned the best tool he'll learn in life. He read a word. His first word was "at." And maybe he was a little more excited about "ax" because that's a word that means something to a boy.

And more importantly, he learned that learning is a delight. It's fun. It's important. And sometimes you get a squeal out of your teacher.

Then the day shifts into one of those days where the water is boiling and I can't imagine any job that's more important, any job that I'd rather be doing today.

And tomorrow, when I'll be watching the pot again. script~ I wrote this post a week ago. From his first time reading on, each time he sounds out a new road, Eli cries, "Tickle me Mama! Tickle me!!"

We have recently taken up "Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons." It's been very helpful for my younger boys, and includes "games" & short lessons that keep our work fun.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Cheerful Heart with an Overwhelmed Mind

Life is not today, what I want it to be.

It's far too full, for one. My list of things to do seems to not shrink, but grow by a few things every day. I don't like that. I want my list to shrink. But our life is full in so many ways so there are things to do.

I laid the wood, paper and Ponderosa needles ready last night so I could light the fire the moment I crept down the talking stairs of our house this morning. And as I did I was overwhelmed of all there is to do and be and whether I should go ahead and keep these plans or just cancel so that I could stay home and be a mom and wife and get things that are screaming at me done. Very, very important things.

I wonder at the purpose of my days.

I feel week and shaky, thinking of all that I need to be when I know I'm just little old me and that I can't possibly get all these things done anytime soon. So I whisper to God that this is who I am, what I do and can He reach down and help me be tender and teacher in the middle of all this thinking and lists and tasks? This, I thought, is how each day should begin. Humbled and knowing I need help...crying out or whispering for His help. I can't do it.

And then I sat down in the morning light and read His Word. There was no miracle in it, no standing out word but that I should do this or drop that. But I wrap His instruction around me and press forward into the morning. I read in Proverbs that a cheerful heart is a good medicine so I determine to have just that as I muddle through. I want my family to have good medicine today.

When I read other blogs this morning, there are so many other mamas that feel this way. What to do? How to slow down and love when you're new-baby exhausted? How to take care of your family when you can hardly take care of yourself?

It is good, not to be alone.

And I come back to a cheerful heart, I join up with Ann again today to count the things for which I am grateful, the things that give me a cheerful heart when mediated upon.

The tender hug of my mama when she's missed me so heavily. I wonder if she felt how I pulled it in, felt it completely?

Music that is light and keeps us moving and cheerful.

Memories of long ago friends, and feeling that my life is full in friends.

Carpet that doesn't reveal every.single.doggie hair.

Memories of middle of the night words whispered to not-sleepy babies.

Dog piles in my art room, just minutes ago. I was in the middle of all those boy-arms and legs.

Laughter with my 10-year-loved husband. And that look he gives me. Still.

A hot fire that draws us all in to the same room.

Babies. Mine are all big, but there are so many fat, cute babies to wink at and smell. Oh, I love babies.

Today. To fill as I like. To have the choice of a cheerful heart.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Boys' Noise School Photos 2010-2011

KinderYear Peanut

First Grade Critter

Third Grade Scooter

....and happy brothers
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

...celebrating with Ann this Monday, counting all my things to be grateful for today.

#1 windows to let the light in

#2 early risers to spark life in the house

#3 a corner of the house to sneak off to and pray

#4 that I've got company and happy noise in my home all day

#5 needed inspiration from Ann on a Monday

#6 brooms

#7 sunshine in morning windows

#8 washing machines

#9 books

#10 legos, which keep my boys happy for thousands of hours

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

79 Days....

Just 79 little days until Christmas!!

Not that I'm counting. But I AM collecting. I'd like to keep my shopping blocal this year, so I'm wondering what you, my readers are crafting and selling out there? I'd love to read all about it, then I'll do a little post advertising your blog or site so my readers can network & check out your things.

So....share! What are you making for Christmas gifts to sell?

Welcome to our New Home

I have finally taken some time to post some photos of the new house. I've been working a little each day to cozy it up, make it ours. I think we've been here 3 weeks, and it feels like we've been here so long already. We're really enjoying it, take a little tour below....
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The dining area & a cute little boy and his string cheese.

That cute boy & his amazing smile.

Our kitchen, the walls are a lovely soft green.

Kitchen to Dining Room.
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House Tour

1322 Our New St.

Family & Living Rooms

The Study...I have visions of a school room. :)

The cozy room. Nevermind the C.
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Home Sweet Home

The boys in the Reading room...doing just that. :)

We're relishing every bit of teeny ordinary new-to-us nature.

Sunshine on the stoop.

Every.teeny.bit.of new-to-us nature... a treasure. We have leaves!!
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