Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm dreaming of an early Christmas

That's just what these chickens got this year. A few days before Christmas we opened one package from my sister, Hazel's family. It was so fun for the boys to have something new to chew on for a few days before the gift rush. I highly recommend this. It softens the anticipation, gives them some space to play with something new before opening something else immediatley, and keeps Christmas from getting to big. The boys were happy to pose for a pre-opening photo.
Look at that face! Nate was shocked and so excited at such a big toy!

Over a hundred peices, but wonderful little tiny things, carrots, flowers, and Eli's favorite...a handful of chickens. Somehow they keep flying the coop and I find the lot of them all over, next to my bed, in the closet, in the tub. They're well loved chickens, they are. At last, a toy all can play with and share (pretty well.) Thanks Auntie Hazel & Uncle Joe!
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The Daileys said...

What a great gift that they can all play with and what a great idea to head off the "gift rush"! I'm sure it made the anticipation become bearable at the very least ;)