Thursday, February 21, 2008

's Always Nice to be Proven (Mr.) Right

...yet again.

My dear sweet hubby has outdone himself. I have been miserably ill, some awful cold virus has been eating away at me the last two days. Yesterday I barely got out of bed. Finally, tonight, I know I'm feeling better because I'm actually thinking about attacking that spot in the carpet on the stairs tomorrow. I'm starting to feel halfway human again, though I'm certain I barely look it.

And my sweet, sweet Ralph has taken it upon himself to work, care for the kids, cook meals AND wait on me night and day, what a man. He's put himself aside entirely with thoughts only of keeping the kitchen tidy, the boys happy and peaceful and me comfy and resting. I'm once again amazed at how I got to marry a man like this, that cares so much about all of us and works so hard to keep us all. So I'm remembering, again, that I made a fantastic choice when it came to partners (as did he) and needing to brag a little. It's good to be in great hands.


The Daileys said...

Aww! My hubby has been wonderful lately too with a spike in back pain for me. I'm glad that God let me in on the choice that he had for me too *grin* Men who genuinely love God and their families with a sacrificial spirit, "as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her" are a precious gift. Thank God for them!

Hilary said...

Oh, poor Amanda. I empathize with you - Today I went to work for the first time in two weeks because of the big, bad flu. It's nice to have things looking up, isn't it? And VERY wonderful to have husbands that will take care of us :) Yay husbands!