Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I just got an email from a friend, a girl I was acquainted with in high school. Truth be told, back then I knew her little brother far better than her (he and I were in the same class) but last year I discovered her blog. Since then she and I have developed a cyber-relationship. We read each others' blogs.

Today I got an email from her and it was so weird. Like "oh, you're talking to me?" I got so use to reading her blog I forgot to have regular old-fashioned email conversation with her.

So I decided today that from here on out, at minimum, when I visit your blog, I will ALWAYS leave a comment. If I have nothing to say about your blog, then I might just tell you how my day is going or ask you if you like my new hair-cut. BUT, I promise, you'll hear from me. I will not be a cyborg preaching out into space at no one and everyone. I am woman, hear me type!

Off the subject, my sister, my witty lovely sister wrote a hilarious it if you have a minute. Frumpilicious.


MooBeeMa said...

Loved your sister's post! Thanks for sending me over to her blog. Hope you are doing well.

The Daileys said...

Way to go! It is so very easy to forget to leave feedback for others or to think that you are just sending out your words to the impersonal web, but the reminder that there are flesh and blood people on the other side of the words is vital. Thanks for reaching out to me and reminding me of that as well ;) "I am woman, hear me type." Too cute!

Hilary said...

Oh dear, I feel corrected (which is a good thing!) :) I'm the worst at lurking around and not leaving comments. i'll do better!