Friday, March 28, 2008


But don't blink!

My dirty clothes basket is empty! Just for a second. As soon as I walk down the hall I'm sure to trip over a single sock or a discarded-ketchup shirt, but you see, my laundry basket, it's empty!!

I suppose this is what happens when you're having this kind of a week. This is our spring break. Breaking from seasons. Last week we wrapped up our swimming lesson season. Joey lead us out by doing a flip off the diving joke. My heart flipped right along with him. Next week is the kick off (you're sure to see photos if I can get my camera fixed) to soccer season. Joey is going back for the second year, and Nate is a rookie who slept with his soccer ball last night and wore his cleats all day today.

This week- it was supposed to be play week. We break with the schools so we didn't school this week, and I'm so grateful...we're ALL sick (though I've been much worse). With the exception, thankfully, of Mr. Right. Eli ran a fever for several days, the rest of us are puny and hacking like crazy. One day we watched tv nearly all day...enough of that. The rest of the week has been pleasant enough with gobs and gobs board games and a trip to the library to freshen up the book supply. Joey has a new-found love for books on tape too, ahhh.

So this sick week got my laundry all caught up. Luckily, it's not the kind of sick that sends the laundry to the back of the line out my front door. My blogs are catching up too. Ha!

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The Daileys said...

I loved the part about your heart flipping right along with Joey! I can relate! I sure hope you all get on the mend soon ;) Is it better to be sick with an empty laundry basket or well with a full one? Some days that can be a really tough question...