Friday, August 15, 2008

Beach Day; August 10 Sunday

So how do I choose from my 257 photos to post? Hmm? I seriously need help on this!

You know my aversion to slide shows, so you'll get the play by play. I hope blogs have no maximum capacity for photo space, I'll blow this bloggy up.

I'll go one day at a time for now.

Sunday morning we got a quick start and left our home and puppy, cat, birdies, frog and fish (yes, really- all we need is a hamster!) to a house sitter who did a great job watching over things (and even cleaning, doing laundry and vacuuming the house before we came home! Need a house sitter?)
So West we drove, beach or bust. And bust we did, but we also got the beach.

Our first stop was Bandon. We pulled up a hill and saw this we must get out of this 5 hour car and climb!

Little Critter, on the rock

The boys and I with a view


Then in the evening we took in the sunset (and much more rock climbing)

I could say more, but why?

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