Monday, August 4, 2008

Small-time Farming

A little bit of farm life around here...that's how it feels after the county fair and all. Pigs, chickens, cows and even a little rodeo. Our teeny garden is out-growing it's box,

and now I'm harvesting lettuce, green beans, herbs and the boys get all the fat dirty little carrots they like.

It's good fun. One of these days we'll see a pumpkin or two, and my tomatoes will turn red, hopefully before the first freeze of fall. These mountain mornings have been awfully chilly, so we'll just have to see about that. I'm truly enjoying these mild summer days though.

E turned his farming to the in-door type, setting up a great toy the boys got from my sweet sister for Christmas.

This barn gets my full endorsement, if you happen to be thinking about that December date sneaking near. I especially loved the way the chicken on this farm "honk" and the peanut butter tree (it's fruit look peanut butter brown.)

N, on the other hand, was practicing a hamster-like approach to sleeping the other night, as he often does. Pillows are great to burrow in, and come in very handy if one is cold and blankets are boring. It's not uncommon for him to fall asleep in a funny place.

N really, really, really wants a hamster these days. We are holding out for his 5th birthday, with lots of Juneau maintainance in the meantime. I want him to feel the love one must have to own a pet, I'm sure he won't be dissuaded though, not by any amount of Juneau shoveling he must do to earn the right.

And alas, the room. N&E's room is finished, all but for hanging the curtains. I am miserable at hanging things up, so this will have to wait in both bedrooms. I was thinking of doing a cowboy thing, N&E were holding out for Care Bears. I wasn't going to budge on that one, so the boys and I compromised on airplanes. I'm thrilled with the results.

The room is really cozy and both bedrooms now feel like they belong to someone cute and boyish. I think we'll wait to paint our bedroom for awhile. I have a color chosen though and I really cannot wait. It will be one color, and I think after all the time we put into the multi-color rooms, it'll be a cinch! Fun stuff!


The Daileys said...

Your boy's rooms are giving me some good ideas for mine... I jsut showed Mitch both your boy rooms and was able to explain to him a little more clearly what I want to do in there... It sometimes takes a bit fo rhim to understand what I want to do as we both communicate differently, but it WILL happen soon! LOL!

Great job!

Hazel Dodge said...

Now that I'm all caught up on your last week or so...phew! I'm exhausted!

The pics of the boys room makes me think I should have picked up those cowboy sheets that were on sale for our lil' cowpoke.

And I'm so glad the Big Red Barn is still getting lots of use. I love the idea of the Peanut Butter Tree...what if it dripped peanut butter and gummed up the ducks and geese's bills? Ask the boys what that would sound like. :) They'll know.