Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Expectations and Cotton Candy

We had a blast all day today at the county fair. The boys and I arrived about noon, played all day. R joined us after he finished work. I have a million great pics, I'll try and choose the highlights. :)

In case any of you are wondering, though I think it'd be a better use of cyber-space, I'm afraid that if I make a slide show it will one day expire, and that would be terrible as I have high hopes that my sweet boys will be able to look back on this blog for decades. (That is, if the internet doesn't expire as well)

So...drum roll, please...

E goes bobbing for apples and comes out a winner.

J gives it a shot too, but to no avail. :(

N and J wait with amazing patience for a jump house wrecking ball "ride."

E waits with amazing patience for his brothers

E is the littlest actor (bear) in the "let's pretend" circus.

And J is a clown. Nate and I preferred to be part of the participating audience.

The boys congratulate each other for a graceful performance.

The fattest ice cream bars I've ever seen. Makes one feel almost okay about spending $3 on a bar.

Snow cone for N. Blueberry, of course.

E gets a pony ride.

The boys and their dad await the rodeo with expectations and cotton candy.

A nice grandma-lady offers to take a photo of the family. Take it from me, if you ever need help, look for a nice grandma lady!

Delight on N, R and J on the ferris wheel over the fair.

...and sometimes my little ones still hold me tight in the sunset. Makes mama so happy!


Cathy said...

Fun! I love fairs! And you look soooo pretty in your "family photo"!

Karyn&Kelly said...

Looks like it was a FUN time! In your family pic:
1. You look so beautiful
2. Joey looks so much like Eli!

Amanda said...

You girls are so sweet. I hear a lot that Eli looks like Joe, it's fun to hear the other. :) Thanks Karyn.

Jennifer in OR said...

What fun!! The day we scheduled to go to the fair, Josie threw up. We'll try to hit the Crook County Fair this Wednesday, though. Awesome pictures!!

The Daileys said...

I love how you used the bleacher pic on your header- it is a good one!