Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quiet (for a minute) Summer Afternoon

The dishwasher and dryer hum away at my work, for a moment the boys are outside playing happily and I'll take advantage of a minute. We had a lunch of leftovers after a long, glorious bike ride to the library. It's our first venture of the sort this summer. Last year E cried when he saw the bike carrier, and this year J pedaled himself all the way without complaint. I loved cruising slowly up and down the neighborhoods, looky-looky that I am over houses and yards in great bloom. Then we headed downtown and got a treat from Goody's courtesy of the library book program. It was fabulouso, home in time for me to do more re-or and clean up that all this painting work is bringing one (yes, Karyn..I have photos.) So I am happily going to head into my afternoon work next.

Ah, and no root canal, but a cap which is extremely spendy- even with insurance. I little achy today but no worse for the wear.

And a few photos from this photo happy girl. :)

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie! Pizza and cake~

E helps unload the dishwasher.

Check out those muscles!!!

So this is J's super space boy room. I've ordered wallies for both rooms, you'll have to wait to see those. I think we'll try and paint N & E's room tonight.

The quilt that I bought, Karyn, turned out to be nearly neon when we got it on the bed. Crazy. As if this paint ain't bright enough! So I'll be shopping for something a little more...subtle.

Two little boys in the tub gettin' clean, just smell them!

Speaking of scents...The best smelling flowers J for me from his camping trip. I need to grow these! Seriously!

The sour little green apples I used to make a delicious cobbler. A big thanks to our generous neighbors. Now I'm peeling and freezing for winter cobblers! Mmm!


Cathy said...

I love it! Looks so good:) Did Ralph have a good b-day?

Jennifer in OR said...

Awesome color! Love the flowers, the green apples, and the bike ride...