Saturday, August 2, 2008

Morning Ramblings

Had a few things to do online so I'm stopping by to say hi.

It's almost 8, R let me stay in bed for a bit. Eli climbed in with me for a bit and we chatted about dinosaurs and birthdays.

The fan is running, so there is a breeze coming through the house that brings in all the sweet smells of morning out there. The sky is blue dotted with white puffy clouds and I can hear the morning birds (finches too) chattering away outside. Think I'll go join them.

Boys are all content with Saturday morning cartoons, so it's a perfect time to take one last quiet run with Juneau. Going to hit the canyon. I did a 5-miler earlier this week, maybe I'll do it again this morning if my knee isn't giving me any grief. Otherwise I'll stick to three.

Going to go get my Ipod....

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Hilary said...

5 miles!! Good for you!