Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home Alone

I was visiting with another mom the other day, and had the most interesting conversation. We were chatting about the different things that we do with our families. She asked me a question I really had to think about before I could answer:
"So, you don't ever have time at home without your family there?"

I thought, I thought, and no, I don't believe I'm ever, ever at home alone. I do remember once, Mom and dad had the kids before church b/c I was going early to sing. Ralph was on a plane. It was so strangely quiet, I was anxious to leave home.

I know everyone counts different activity, different hobbies for breaks- for rest. My sister has her girls' nights out (as do I) and trades care for several hour pockets during the week. Other friends go shop, or get a sitter so they can go and do whatever pleases them.

I run, I read, I blog :), sometimes my best rest is just sitting with the boys and reading to them. Then they're all happy, all the time. I get my rest. I get my "time."

This isn't saying that I don't have get-me-out-of-here days. I might even have threatened to run away a time or two. I have a friend that has run away (she always comes home). I have days when I can't wait to go running, or find myself trying to escape the rattle of requests following me. These days are best handled either calling in back up or just getting the kids really engrossed in a game or play doh so I can sit a minute.

And then I steal my evening hours it is 11:18 and I'm going to be really sorry I'm shorting myself sleep in the morning, but I do find my time. :)

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Jennifer in OR said...

I would have to say--time alone in my home, without kids or noise, is just too creepy for me! If I want time alone, I'll go out. Home for me is a happy, noisy place. :-)