Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 11, 2008 Brookings, OR

Monday we woke up and checked out of the hotel. There was some shopping to do, as a suitcase that we really needed (pj's and sweatshirts) was sitting on our bedroom floor. We hit the biggest Freddy's ever, AND a great sale. Then we met up with our friends to go to the beach house. Kristin , Eli and I went grocery shopping and got the work done
(yes, those are Fruit Loops) and from then on out it was all play! There was some football, and then I took all the kiddos down the beach to do a bit of treasure hunting. It was fabulouso! We also had a familiy hike, checking out tidepools and the like. Ahh, yes...and did I mention the rock climbing?


Cathy said...

What fun! Great pictures! Nice watermelon, Kristin:)

The Daileys said...

I am loving all the pictures! Keep 'em coming! It looks like a perfect boy vacation :)

Karyn&Kelly said...

I've always thought Kristin had nice melons.