Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

I'm not much of a resolution kind of girl.  I am consistently inconsistant.  I crave change within my routines, I try things and then trail off, this is just who I am.

my morning view, from my bed
That being said, I do love to look at the New Year and wonder what joy and change it will bring.  And I do, along with a great number of people, like to think that I can do some things to make this year a little better than the last.

Heaven forbid we ever give up changing things for the better!!

So rather than some proclamation of amazing feat (I will Love every person I ever see, I will never get angry, I will run a marathon-ha!, or I will never eat a slice of pie in 2012)  I have worked on a simple list.

I intend to print this list out (oh, the never ending trials of my printer!!) and hang it where I'll glance over it from time to time.  A reminder of things I want to do, habits I want to cultivate.


1. Put the laundry away.  (Piles make me cry)
2.  Speak less, listen more
3.  Everything in it's place, a place for everything 
4. Participate in a monthly photo challenge, continue my own photography studies
5. Eat more grapefruit.  I just love it
6. Participate in regular Nature Studies (they make me smile)
7. Read more
8. anxious= pray*
9. Read to the boys more often (snuggle up!)
10. Look in their eyes.  Whoever.  
11. Hang out with my husband more
12.  Move my body, I feel better for it
13. Destroy household piles.  Demolish.  Black Hole. * 
14.  Talk about Jesus more often
15. Drink more water

Seems pretty reasonable, right?  I think so.  Some of these are more challenging than others (oh, the laundry piles) but I think they're practical and will ALL enrich my life more.  My 38th is a bit of a sobering year, not because I fear growing old, but I fear being old and not growing.  

Here's to a new year.  Here's to a time to reflect and wonder at what this year will be, to intend for it to be good and for myself to be sweeter.  I hope you're all having  a lovely first few days and have hopes for a wonderful 2012!

* more to come on these...


Hilary said...

You and I are much alike, my friend. I'm not much of a year-long resolutions girl either, but I am a great fan of new goals each month. So, I have my list for January & I'm exited to tackle it! And yours makes me smile - so many good, good things on there!

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Hi Amanda,

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get off my butt and go walking more often, so I'm going to do just that! Loved what you've been writing.:)

April said...

Hi Amanda,
I haven't dropped by to visit in this new year, so I suppose this is the day to say "HI!"

I am about to turn 38 myself. I seems/sounds/feels like I am really on the "other side" of SOMETHING as I contemplate that change. Like 37 was hanging on to some idea, hope,or fear, even-that I will just let go of as I fall into 38.
Your list is awesome. I refrained from even making such a one as this when the new year rolled in...they're all good things and no doubt will make a woman grow stronger and wiser and more full of grace as the year wears on.

Blessings to you today, and enjoy the pink girl, as it sounds delightful to have a little one around--challenges and all--for these days of in-between-ness with big kids in the house!