Sunday, January 15, 2012

Checking In

Outside my window...I'm so thankful for the sun streaming in the windows.  The weather has been very pleasant, not too cold, no rain.  On the other hand, I do wish it would snow!  Just for a week.

I am thankful for... slippers.  I was just murmuring this....little things like slippers really make my day.

I'm also thankful to be a stay-at-home-kinda mom, and that God always gives me wisdom.  Those are very big things.  And I'm very thankful!

From the learning rooms... Back in full swing, enjoying our school days and I've stepped things up a bit without any kick-back.

From the kitchen...our dishwasher is broken.  I am spending much, much more time in the kitchen these days!  It's been interesting though, to see that when I slow down to work the boys may end up helping me which leads to pleasant conversation, or I might have a sweet boy come read to me.  I am enjoying the time, but looking forward to getting a dishwasher in February!

I am wearing...slippers.  Jeans, a sweatshirt and a pony tail.

I am creating...this is such a silly question for me.  I'm not so creative/crafty.  But I'm creating a lesson plan for the week and order in the home and that's enough for me.  :)  No knitting, as of late.

I am vacuum my whole house today.  Okay, not the basement.  But the other 2 floors.  I do love clean floors, if only for a minute.

I am reading... nothing!  Can you believe it?

I am recover from this cold quickly, for a  date with my husband soon, for snow.

I am dryer (thanks for all your hard work, Mr. Dryer!)

Around the house...laundry, paper piles, sunshine, football, boys on trampoline, and pink toys.

This explains my January absence.  I've been babysitting in January, a sweet 14 month old girlie.  It's been really lovely and I've rarely a minute to even read YOUR blogs.  When she's here I'm busy with her and the boys' school...when she's gone I'm catching up on the rest.

One of my favorite things...a little sweet after lunch, losing pounds, Sleepy Sundays

A few plans (or just one!!) for the rest of the week:  the little pink girlie, school, all the usual.

Here is picture thought I am sharing:   School Hours.  Joe and I work one-on-one for a little keyword outline.

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Hazel M. Wheeler said...

I am thinking...Fun blog post, sis.

Joey looks taller.

And now you can share our family's joke... "How many dishwasher do you have?" In our house, two...myself and Joe. You've got a few more. If only they invented a self-loading dishwasher that would clear the table and put it all away when they were clean. (Oh, wait, we do have two of those!)