Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Color: Lost & Found

We headed out on this December day in search of color.  I love a mission, and the boys just love to get down to the river, turn rocks over, search for treasure.
I was astonished as I came over the levy to see this:  an American White Pelican cruising through the river.  He was moving very quickly across, and stayed long enough for me to take some great photos.  I didn't have any idea we'd see pelican here.
We couldn't even see his black wings until he took off.

Look at how his feathers nearly touch the surface of the water as he flies.  He flew back upstream where I saw in the distance a few of his friends.  Absolutely majestic.  It was such a treat for us!

The temperatures weren't awful, but time to zip up!
Found:  treasure!
Found:  a curiosity and longing for adventure
Lost:  the days of golden-brilliant Autumn
Found:  the color, the art of Winter

The nakedness of Winter trees shines a spotlight on the lingering seedpods.

Lost:  boredom of a Winter afternoon
Found:  smiles all around

Oh, how we love our Outdoor Hour!


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Love this! I would have scared that Pelican away for jumping with Joy! Love your Winter sign. Thanks for taking me along on your walk!

Lynn said...

Amanda, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking me along! I love those sweet faces as the children find things in nature! Real treasures all around! The pictures of the pelican were amazing! I hope you have wonderful holidays! Lots of happiness and love and smiles! Love, Lynn

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Fantastic account of your outdoor time at the river. I enjoyed every bit of it, including the pelican, the images, and the smiles. :)

Thanks for sharing your entry with the OHC.

Julie said...

Wow. What an enjoyable walk! I've never seen a pelican that isn't in a zoo. Your pictures are very well done too. Thank you.

Shirley Ann said...

What a beautiful post! I am visiting from Barb's carnival and am so very glad to have read your entries! Your photography is just beautiful and your words lovely!

Shirley Ann

Gillian said...

I love idea of writing Winter with seed pods on a rock - creative and beautiful! All the pictures are great, and the pelican is amazing.

Heather said...

My first time visiting...thanks for such an encouraging post.

Heather W
Blog, She Wrote

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Makes me wonder if we live close to each other - levees, pelicans, etc. Except your boys are actually wearing coats. My girls are still outside in shorts and flip-flops :)

Zonnah said...

Love the pictures, especially of the pelican :)

Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous post. it brings back memories of living near the N.C. coast and visiting Mattamuskeet Refuge, where we saw so many wonderful birds during the winter.