Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Preparation for Winter

Linking up with Barb over at the Outdoor Hour....

The boys and I have been getting a kick out of the animal life around our yard.   Squirrely Nutkin digging for seeds in the Hubbard Squash we left for him.  It's on the deck just outside our school room, we get a great view!

 They've emptied all the sunflower heads I dried for them from the Sunflower house.
 This pretty little bird was a flash of color.  I'll try to get a close up next time.  Haven't identified him, yet.

 It's the seeds that make Nutkin so very ready for Winter fat.
 Mourning Doves come to find seed.
 On another day the quail came in droves to scratch like little hens in the frost.  We counted at least 20 quail.  So sweet!

 Juneau sits at the window and watches...wishing....



Hilary said...

What lucky ducks to have such a show right outside your window! :) I would love to have some Squirrel Nutkins to share our yard with instead of the family of Templetons that seem to be running around under the house :)

April said...

Fun! Our squirrels here don't get fat; I guess because they're SO active all winter long? Of course, they may also be different squirrels. :)
These are some fun pictures!
I hope your Christmas is Merry!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Fun, fun, fun entry with your squirrels and quail. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the creatures preparing for winter in your world. :)

Zonnah said...

Those pictures are so adorable!!!

Stephanie said...

These pictures are magnificent. I love the fact that you gave the old sunflower heads to the squirrels. I'll have to remember that.