Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Calendar Activities

This year the boys and I have tried out something new.   We have a big, beautiful Advent calendar with doors and "rooms" big enough for 3 pieces of candy.  In the past, I've loaded it up.  This year, I tried something new.  I've loaded the calendar with ideas of fun things to do during the day.
The kids are happy with the new arrangement, and have been very gracious on a busy day if we haven't gotten to the activity.  So far we've done 10 off 12 days.  Not too bad for me....I struggle with being consistant.

These are the activities in our box:

Dec 1- Work together on the Family Christmas Letter for the Christmas Card

Dec 2- Family Air Hockey Championships

Dec 3- Make some Family Movies

Dec 4- Curl up with a snack after dinner & Mr. Grinch
Dec 5-  Build our Own Gingerbread Houses

Dec 6-  bake sugar cookies

Dec 7-invite friends to decorate sugar cookies

Dec 8- It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas!

Dec9- Feed the birds! Pinecone bird feeders.  Make Weather Observations
Dec 10- String popcorn and cranberries: garland for the tree

Dec11- Fetch a Christmas Tree & Decorate

Dec12- Start some Paperwhites and place bets on when they’ll bloom….experiment with them?  Google it!

Dec13- Create Thank You Cards for Christmas using Pine Needle branches and paint

Dec 14- Have Lunch with Dad @ Work & Take a trip to the Post Office

Dec15- Create paper snowflakes….with glitter & hang!

Dec16- Sleep under the Christmas tree tonight!

Dec17- Create Crystal Snowflakes with Borax for ornaments

Dec 18- Go for a Winter Walk and Notebook it!

Dec19-  Gift Wrapping Party!

Dec 20- Popcorn and treats to watch the Polar Express

Dec 21- Split a noodle for Marble Races

Dec22- Make Sopapilla Cheesecakes (Pinterest)

Dec23- Feed the Birds Again!

Dec 24- We Wish You a Merry Christmas!!


Cathy said...

LOVE this idea, Amanda! How perfect. At the age of our children, DOING things together mean so much. I love this idea for an advent calendar. Thanks for sparking this idea!

Hilary said...

This is so much better than candy! What wonderful fun!!

The Daileys said...

I just found a treasure trove for my bored jar! Thanks!