Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shouldn't I Say Something?

Outside my window...the boys and I are getting a kick out of the Squirrels.  Nutkins are all over the yard, packing gourds up the tree, shelling sunflower seeds right on the deck.  I will post more on this soon.

Oh, and our world has been set in crystal for days.  Freezing fog, so thick it looks like snow in places.  It just does wonders for the mostly bare trees lifting their long arms up to the white!  Amazing!

I am thankful for... all the time in the world.  There are so many days when I just feel the rush, rush of getting things done.  But today I'm remembering that I have enough of everything I need in Christ.  Even enough time. Gifts, vacuuming, parties, post office, bathrooms....they'll all get done.

From the learning rooms... We've taken it easy for the last weeks.  Lots of reading (raced through Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and writing...working on the Christmas card (see above) and today we cleared off the school table (SO THANKFUL FOR A SCHOOL TABLE!) and brought out the puzzles! Love this activity!!

Going to continue with Prince Caspian and our Advent reading.

From the kitchen...We have been busy!!  Let me digress a moment and tell you about our Advent Calendar.  This year, rather than stuffing it with candy I planned and typed out 25 activites for each day of December.  This week, within our calendar we assembled gingerbread houses, (Monday) baked sugar cookies, (Tuesday) and decorated said sugar cookies with our little neighbor friends (Wednesday).  Thursday was a day for watching "Charlie Brown's Christmas."

I made both Tuna Noodle Casserole & Taco Soup this week and they both went over quite well.  Success!

I am wearing...jammies.  It's 9:30 Tuesday morning and Christmas break!

I am creating...a plan for the day.  Kicking procrastination in the b-u-t-t day.

I am work on Christmas Cards today.  Maybe I'll even ship off a gift or two!

I am reading...Prince Caspian to the boys.

I am see new birdies in my yard this morning.  Watching, waiting....

I am hearing...that the natives are getting restless

Around the are getting wrapped, my bedroom is a lovely shade of green & has old wooden floors exposed.  Laundry, vacuuming, downstairs bath are on my list today

One of my favorite things...kitten sleeping on me keeping me warm, watching for birdies, a whole day ahead of me.

A few plans (or just one!!) for the rest of the week:  All I can think of is our Annual Jammie-Bedtime-Surprise.  It's scheduled for Friday, little do those boys know.

This is how it goes:  sometime after dinner my husband and I sneak around and turn the clocks an hour ahead.  Well, we have done this in the past, it might not be necessary this year.  Anyhow, at "bedtime" we send the boys off to get ready for bed.  We tuck them in, all as usual.  THEN, I creep downstairs and fix up some yummy snacks.  Ralph heads out to heat up the car.

The next part is so fun.  Sometimes we take bells, sometimes we just hoot and hollar as we go running upstairs and pull the boys out of bed, wrap warm blankets around them and drag them out to the car.  The boys LOVE this part.  (Can you imagine??)

We grab the snacks and drive around town to see all the best light displays in town.  We listen to Christmas music and reminisce Christmas' past.  It's lovely, just lovely.   This is, maybe, my favorite part of Christmas ever!

I can hardly wait!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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