Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've never fancied fancy-sparkly-diamonds. I've no desire for jewels carved to catch light and eyes alike.

But, oh, I wish I had a place to display every single one of my favorite stones & river glass. My collection grows, and perhaps one of these days I'll build with it a rock pathway in my little flower garden. Or Could I figure out some artistic way to display?

I do love a good stone. The great news is that they're free.

Just ask the crazy lady running with her black doggy on the river trail carrying a large stone meant to border the flower garden.

Our veggie garden is pressing it's borders. The ornamental gourds are thrilling. They're amazing. I have little squat white pumpkins, round green & white speckled on top, yellow on bottom and another I haven't yet identified. Oh, and some plain old green gourd. We are going to have us a fabulous display this fall. I can see no reason not to put them everywhere....we will have enough.

My little teepee is growing. I think I'll reconstruct next spring, but I'm pleased that my honeysuckle is blooming and the morning glories are bringing their glory, too.

The sunflowers are the star of the show. Every day we walk into the sunflower house and see new flowers, new growth. I am so grateful for the house, I already have new ideas in mind for next summer.

I can't encourage you all enough to try out one of these little projects I found in Sharon Love Joy's book "Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots." You could find it at the library, I'm sure. She also writes one on Sunflower houses. She has wonderful input on what to grow in your garden. I'm making my list of "wants" for next year already.

Our time outside in the yard is a treasure. Right in front of our eyes the season is leaning, waning. Today Eli and I watched as a stealthy squirrel clenching a walnut in his jaws scrambled down the tree just feet away from us. He wasn't worried about us, just watching out for the sleeping dog nearby. He found a perfect spot, expertly dug a hole in the ground, dropped the nut in and carefully buried and patted the ground to be sure his stores were safe. It was a delight, to be sure.

I see the change of the sunlight on the house, lighting walls it hasn't touched in a year. I love the changes of the sunlight.

It's occurred to me that the boys and I spent much more time at the river in the fall, winter and spring months. Our yard has been a haven from the heat and crowds over summer.

We have plenty right here at home. Plenty to keep our eyes, ears and hands busy.

The fragrance of honeysuckle & sweet grass, the taste of plump tomatoes and corn just picked and stripped & steamed. The greens, golds, pinks, purple, lavender, sky blue and ahhh....

I don't need any fancy jewels.


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

S0 - I just love sea glass. We call it pirate glass, as we are sure that it has washed ashore from years gone by and broken stain glass decorated pirate ships. Don't you just think so? I love your garden nymph too. ;) I have officially taken the leap away from Facebook back to Google Reader for my way to communicate. Hopefully I'll be commenting more here, instead of there! Excited for a new year!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

This was a joy to read and I love the way your nature study is in your own backyard and on so many levels. This is exactly how I raised my boys and they still have a love being outdoors....wish they liked working in the garden more but they tend to just "hang out".

Loved seeing your entry to the carnival. Thanks so much.

Phyllis said...

Oh, I do love all of your photos. So, so beautiful.

Bethany said...

We loved this book too! We planted in old hats and made a sunflower house.

See Jamie blog said...

Wonderful relaxed nature study! And although I've never actually found any river or sea glass myself, I've always thought it so pretty.