Thursday, November 4, 2010

That Boy Has All Kinds of Manners

Yesterday, Nate was pulling up his shirt to show me a scratch on his stomach. After looking it over I was overcome and pulled him to me and said in Mama-Fashion, "You're so cute!!"

He looked at me and answered, "You're so....big."

Of course, I started laughing. Explaining his response he said, "Well, I was going to say 'You're so old' but daddy told me ladies didn't like to be told that they're old."

What a polite little boy!

Again today:

Nate asked me, "Mom, how do you tell if a dog is a girl or a boy."

Honestly, I answered, "Well, a boy has a p#^$s."

"How else can you tell, Mom?"

"I guess that's it. A boy has a p%@$s and a girl dog doesn't."

"I know another way you can tell, Mom," Nate answered. "Girls are more appropriate when they pee."

Ha! I suppose they are a bit more dainty or discreet when they do.

I'm glad Nate appreciates manners.

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