Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Conversations with Myself

I'm grateful that I never set out to make this blog spot something specific. I labeled it "A Thousand Words; a biography of books, boys & becoming." With such a broad spectrum I feel I can stay true to those topics generally, and I enjoy writing all over the place.

I occasionally stop and wonder why I enjoy blogging so much, it's clear to me that my blog is like an old friend....like a favorite blanket or pair of slippers....cup of tea in a favorite chair. There is a comfort in routine & ritual of being here. I'm unsure of how many people peek at my blog anymore, but truly, I don't care. If I'm blogging to myself, it's fine and I'm happy to do it.

This morning is one of those that just just fits comfortably. Laundry is going, chili chock full of veggies is in the crockpot. The sun is streaming in the windows interrupted only by an occasional twirly, falling leaf.

The boys are on the walls, just where they belong.
Soon I'll strap backpacks on them and we'll haul our school to the library because I really can't stand being inside so much when the autumn days are so cool, crisp and colorful. I love these days.

I've signed the boys up for gymnastics. It was Nate's idea, and the idea caught on with his brothers. We had our first classes last week and the boys all came away with an enthusastic "YES, we love gymnastics!!" Tonight I'll take them to class again & I'm grateful for their strengthening bodies and added rhythm to the week.

I'm off to relish the day, what are you doing today?


The Daileys said...

I, for one, look forward to your posts. I am glad you see your blog as such! It is a healthy view and what makes it a place I like to linger.

Anonymous said...

You are tucked in my reader - so I know when you speak up. :) I am working towards getting back to my original voice on Wordpress - of just recording our days, thoughts, more scrapbooks style. :)