Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Night Stop

Outside my window... the moonlight dances on the snow. The icicles reflect the streetlight and I just want to soak it all in.

I am thinking...that having a quiet life is a good thing. My life seems to be getting quieter.

I am thankful for...count them;
  • little boys that are not too big to tackle, to pile in a heap and tickle
  • a husband who will pick up the dish towel and clean up that mess
  • a kind gymnastics instructor
  • a camera that takes wonderful photos, and that I can learn into it
  • a little boy who emptied his pocket of his whole-entire-earned-$2.oo to the Salvation Army man
  • the quiet comfort of the library, rows and rows of books
  • seasons
  • a dinner with a woman not too different than I
  • friends coming to lunch tomorrow
  • grapefruit

From the learning rooms...December is Simple School (thanks Christian). We do some academic work each day and some fun, still more December chores.

From the kitchen...nothing much.

I am wearing...contentment.

I am creating...lists of December things. Organization in our home.

I am going...to move our school to the basement. I have to create a space first.

I am reading...to the boys...a Jesus Advent Celebration, Little House on the Prairie, Story of the World and for me, Sacred Marriage & some gardening books.

I am hoping...to paint, to plant, to purge, to settle.

I am hearing...a quiet, sleeping home.

Around the house...legos, pillows, Santas and twinkle lights. Clean bathrooms and piles of things I don't know where to put. Did I mention that my so-handy-husband has enlarged our bedroom? It now has lovely Eastern morning light. Nevermind the dust...

One of my favorite things...slowing down to see people. To see them.

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, tidying, a lunch date, warming weather-for I'm driving SW this weekend to see my grandfather.

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Hilary said...

I like 'slowing down to SEE people' - a lot :)