Monday, December 6, 2010

Tuesday Morning

The cozyness of Autumn....Winter, really has covered us with it's blanket. The snow, the quiet. I am so thankful.

Thankful for the noisyness of a Christmas train, the noisyness of little happy boys because my home is full and bright, cheery and noisy.

Thankful for little boys whose cold fingers and toes squeeze into the warmth of my early morning sleep and come, just to be and talk and giggle.

Thankful for Angels we do not see, that guard my children and car and husband.

Thankful for Angels we make in the snow....

....or in the leaves, in Winter coats and bare feet.

Thankful for singing boy voices that sing of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Battle of Waterloo (So thankful for Classical Conversations).

Thankful for a husband who dreams and then picks up tools to work out those dreams, enlarging bedrooms and building a pantry.

Thankful for a friend who needed babysitting today, and all five chatty children singing and creating and "Wow! How did you build that so quickly?"

Thankful for a shockingly beautiful drive, snow on the hills next to the river that leads me home.

Thankful for God's unmatched creation. That it's available to everyone, rich or poor, of any station or condition. Any of us can clearly see the Wonder in it.

Thankful for friendship in the blog world. Pop in and say hi. :)


The Daileys said...

Simply beautiful.

Hilary said...

I love angel making in winter coats and bare feet! What a growing up your boys are having!