Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's Favorite

This is a favorite way to write scattered thoughts, spinning them into a patchwork colorful as the end of summer season. I haven't written much in the busy recent past, I hope you can somehow pull together all that life is comprised of for us just now...
For Today...

Outside my window... summer is drifting off with the sunset, and I wait with anticipation for autumn, and all the rhythm that comes with: school, classes, bedtimes and routines.
I am thinking...that this is the birth of a new season. We are wiggling into a new life here, and I do think it's going to be wonderful.
I am thankful for...a home. There is much to catch up on, but I must tell you that we found a lovely little home. In a terrible renting market, we went for a purchase and succeeded; I am going to be moving into the most lovely little home in a few short weeks. I'm exceedingly blessed, I am. I can't wait to share with you...
From the learning rooms...we're still sneaking up to full school. Math, penmanship, language arts...and next week we begin CC! Horray!
From the kitchen...cereal boxes and plants litter the counterspace of this teeny apartment kitchen. I will make a birthday cake tomorrow for my sweet-five-Elijah-Jonathan. In some sort of a casserole dish, I suppose.
I am wearing...a sweatshirt. Not because hubby has the a/c cranked up. Because it's coolish and cozy. Shorts, too, no worries.
I am creating...comfortable living in this apartment, and space else where when the walls close in. Structure to our temporary-ish chaotic life.
I am fall asleep grateful, again. I'll also share with you some sweet photos of my Eli.
I am, just finished "So Cold The River" and will pick up another that I found at the library this week. I am reading The Core, My Upmost (of course), Proverbs, Psalms & Luke.
I am,so much hope. For our home and yard & school. Mostly I'm hoping that God will work in me, to love Him more, to become His more and gain His sight.
I am hearing...Laura Sullivan with Chaco Canyon & the "whiiiishhh" of Eli playing in the tub.
Around the house...Doggy sleeps, laundry waits, ironing calls, oranges ripen, little boy gets clean, legos decorate, books are stacked and all is calm- just now.
One of my favorite things...the changing of the seasons. And seeing God's little treats for us.
A few plans for the rest of the week: CC meeting, library trip, taking the boys to a new spot I found on the river, where they can collect all the pretty stones they like. Awanas, Birthday cake & wishes. Doctor's appointment, and school.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...For Today...

The cutest baby of 2005, no doubt. Go ahead, try me!!

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