Saturday, August 21, 2010

Water Boys

A long bike ride on the river trail found us at a park meant for swimming and beach play. We didn't hesitate in to dip our toes in the water, saved from the August heat.

Sand is for pushing, pulling.

Boys are for water.

Dad's are for smiling.
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Jeff and Sarah said...

I love your new background! And the pictures of your kiddos as well. I didn't realize that our kids are the same ages! Two years apart is just about right, isn't it?

And yet my kids constantly remind me that there should be a "2" in that lineup. My middle daughter Jordan sadly said yesterday, "But you can't because you cancelled it." I just about sobbed right there in front of her.

Amanda, Lord bless your family! I hope that you get this house that you are looking at and that you can get settled. It seems like you are really making the most of your transition time, and I know that you will look back on it with joy.

Keep us posted!

Hazel said...

Wish we could have played with you that day! Teeny Joaquini sends his best. Tell the boys hi from Auntie!:)