Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Peanut Butter!

You, joyful boy. I cannot imagine how it all happened so fast. You, my sweet little chubby peanut are five years old, already.

You were such a happy baby. I remember thinking just how much you eased into the family. You were happy to be held, happy to watch the world and your brothers orbit. You slept ANYWHERE until you were a year old, and never asked for much at all.

Even now you're such a happy boy. When I get alone with you, you're a chatterbox. Charming and witty, you love to be the star of the show. You're sweet and good natured. I love that you also know what you want and will work hard to get it. You're incredibly bright, you pick up things quickly and work hard to teach yourself new things.

You will work through something you're terrified to do in order to conquer it. You're gentle and helpful with your brothers, and most of all I love that you still love to sneak into bed next to me and snuggle up. You're so fast during the day I relish the slow, quiet moments with you.

You told me the other day you'd like to be own a Pet Shop when you grow up so that you can hold pets everyday. Some might think I have hopes or aspirations for you, but my hopes for you are simply that you nurture & grow the seeds that have been started in you. I hope your kindness will bless your family and friends. That your charm and uncanny wit would buy you frequent audience, as you like. I would hope that you will conquer the terrifying things in your life when necessary, and walk away when it's just not worth it.
...and most of all, at the end of the fast moving days, your tender heart will always land on those you love, and mostly in a rich walk with our God, that you'll care for others and live a full and joyful life that celebrates God's love for you.
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The Daileys said...

So sweet. I love how you love your boys even in the midst of the chaos that is your life right now.

Karyn said...

Couldn't sleep. Thought I'd catch up on your blog. Wiping tears from my eyes. You are a beautiful mother, my friend.