Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Winter Morning Words

I know most people aren't crazy about Mondays, but to me there is something so regular and normal about them. Not that our weekdays are routine and scheduled.

This morning Joey was off working on a lego city he's been building, perfecting the details.

Eli's been lying on his belly in his room pushing trains around the track.

Nate could be found following Ralph or I around, chattering about the new week or playing with sculpley clay, wondering at what point he should stop so he can bake it forever to stay.

School will come, but for now I welcome the peaceful winter morning. I needed that extra time to sweep my dog-furry wood floors and maybe even sit down and say hi to the world to you all this morning.

Over the last few weeks it seems my boys are enjoying space more than their brother. Last week I started schooling them one at a time. They absolutely love it. It doesn't take me much longer than usual. I sit with each child one at a time, do all their work and then we still do our memory work collectively. It's quiet at the school table and I rarely feel rushed to finish anything at all. It's peaceful.

Our memory verse this week:

Psalm 62:1&2

For I am convinced that neither death nor life,
neither angels nor demons,
neither the present nor the future,
nor any powers,
neither height nor depth,
nor anything else in all creation,
will separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

I lay in my bed last night wondering about just what the future holds for our little family, my mind wandering this way and that. Then I came to a wonderful realization. I don't care what is in my future so long as God is orchestrating it. I find perfect peace in wanting what He wants beyond what I want.

I hope that you, too, will find perfect peace in remembering this morning how much our Jesus loves you, that you are the apple of His eye. And that there isn't anything that can separate you from Him when you give Him your whole heart. Not the future, not any powers. Not death, not grief, not loss, not loneliness. He is always with you, always seeking after a friendship with you.

Last night at dinner Nate prayed for all the Haitian children that have no family, that they would each be adopted. I asked him about this....knowing he probably had come to the realization that so many moms and dads and children have perished in the last week in Haiti. He said he was not sad for those who died, they were with Jesus. He was sad for those who were alone. What a treasure heart this boy has.

Good Monday, friends.


Hilary said...

Sweet Nate.

Becky said...

wow. what a sweet little guy to think about the lonely. :) what a heart of gold! and thank you for the reminder that it doesnt matter what the future holds as long as it is HE who orchestrates it! i have to admit, i am struggling with laying it ALL down! have a happy week! :)

Amy said...

Happy Monday to you, my Amanda friend!

Beautiful description of the peace in your morning! I love that! Thankyou for sharing about schooling the boys separately! I have been thinking of next year, and hoping that I get my Josiah home with me next year... and was wondering if that would work.. and now I know it does! Awesome!

hugs.. Amy

Kristin said...

I wish I would have read your blog on Monday. It might have helped me set my day right. I am still thankful that I read it today. It's nice that I can still follow what is going on in your life through your blog. It's real and wonderful! Have a great week.

runninggal said...

Then I came to a wonderful realization. I don't care what is in my future so long as God is orchestrating it. I find perfect peace in wanting what He wants beyond what I want.

I loved this comment!!

Thanks Amanda!