Friday, January 15, 2010


Please enjoy throughout this post the sweet photos of my now 6 year old photo acting for you all. They are unrelated to the blog.

I've been spending a fraction of my normal time online lately, tonight is a night I'm going to read up a little, and share a little too.

After reading Jen's blog entry on The Holocaust of Time, I lay in bed wondering where my time was being spent frivolously. I made some quiet contracts with myself about television and internet time in order to change the highway robbery I was permitting.

I know myself well, and I know this won't be the last day I visit this issue- paring back, but I'm really grateful for the wake-up call this week and am enjoying more of my time back to myself.
I've all but discarded my facebook account. I'll keep it around because I really enjoy the old relationships I've discovered. But I'm going to let all the chit chat go for now.

Now you might think I was all caught up on my household chores but really I've just enjoyed more board games with the boys and fun like that. Lots of good conversation with my working at home hubby and some good conversations on the phone which are a not a time-thief for me.

I was thinking of how with the economic downturn so many of us have tightened our wallets. We've gotten super frugal here and there in order to make a dollar stretch. Right now my challenge is to evaluate how I'm spending my time.

I'm sure an account of time spent reflects your true priorities....I so much want to look from the outside in on my life and see me playing with my boys, nurturing my home and gardens, loving on my sweet husband, lost in wonderful books, cooking up a storm, shooting timeless moments~ this is who I want to be.


Hazel said...

I have to agree with Jen and yourself--there are lots of little things that truly can take up one's time. Finding the balance is important. Maybe your fifteen-minute rule should apply to indulgences a few times a day? Perhaps we should set aside one hour's worth of time for those little mental vacation we need.

Two time-wasters I'd like to eliminate: call-waiting and Blackberries (and their ilk). I have neither, but others do and I am the one affected. Nothing I hate more that meeting up with someone who has mistaken their mobile device for a person; the distraction is a waste of my time and just plain rude to one's company. And call waiting, well....I love it when people just decide after a minute that they should call me back, instead of letting my wait forever. (You, btw, are very good at this!)

Jennifer in OR said...

Great post, Amanda. I love the "surprised face" boy - perfect capture.

I didn't know you had a "work at home" hubby. So do I, and I cherish those extra moments I get.