Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quiet Season Update

I'm reading... picked up Bringing Up Geeks and Parenting with Love and Logic today at the library. Looking forward to a little reading. Oh, and Mrs. PiggleWiggle book 2.

Projects....Teaching my kiddos and stepping it up in Geography a bit. I have a teensy bit of painting that needs to be finished too.

In school...I'm really going for the peaceful school house, still schooling one-on-one. Seems to be going well for a season. We're up to George Washington in our timeline and I've been working on displaying that on the walls so the kids can look at it when they like. Did you know it takes up a lot of space?

Recent dates...We've been so, so busy...so last weekend when my dad offered to take the boys for a few hours we jumped on it. Ralph took me out to dinner and we had a great time just chatting. We so many more dates than we used to, now that the kids are older. I love it. Oh! And my sister and I went to dinner, candy shoppe then coffee last week. Good talks and a good, good friend.

I'm thinking...that God is stretching me into new things. Hard things are good to do. I also keep thinking about camping. We've decided to tent camp this year, but I'm itching to go. I don't think we'll be doing that soon--I'm NOT all about snow camping *yet.*

The boys....are needing action. This weather makes for bouncy boys....and they just can't jump outside enough with the wet-ish un-Central Oregon weather. Yesterday I took them on a long bike ride and they have a playdate lined up for tomorrow. They're also taking on an enormous new amount of chores. I'll have to tell you about why they're scrambling to get them done. But I truly am feeling the effects of all they're doing around here...it's great.

Running....is slow in coming but I'm going here and there again. Feels good in my bones. The cold doesn't bother me, ice does (don't have chains) but not the cold.

God is...doing new stuff. Ralph and I have been asked to head up a 20's something group at our church (we love, love our church) and that's growing us in new directions. We're really enjoying our new friendships and the group all together.

Changes... I lopped my hair off. I think I like it....I just did it yesterday so I'll let you know. I'm wanting to get a photo for you soon.

Looking forward to...um, sleep, and a new day tomorrow. And a February baby shower that I'm planning.

Favorite moments....pondering over my boys..trying to "figure them out", chatting with my husband throughout the day, chatting here and there with my sister and a wonderful long-distance phone call I got today, even if it was just a few minutes. Thanks, Kindred!

Planning...to eat healthier, drink more water, and soon organize some closets that need it really, really badly.

Missing my regular postings, but there's nothing wrong with some quiet, eh?

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Cathy said...

Um...can't wait to see your hair!

...you make me smile.:)