Monday, October 12, 2009

Writing Fun (Preschool-K)

Another fun idea for working on letter & number practice.

In this house, penmanship can be a bit of drugery. We've been working on creative ways to make it funner. (Yes, I think funner should be a word). So this was a little fun we had with it last week. Ziplock, poster paint and little fingers are all that you need. I kept these writing bags too so we can use them again in the future. This makes letters a bit more fun.
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Amy said...

Hey there, mommacita!!!

I have been lurkin' for too long! It's time for a comment ;)

Love all your homeschoolin' ideas! I need hear about what you are doing this year, and how you are liking it!
Pros and cons.. Are you using the Charlotte Mason method along with the CC classes? We ended up just going back to the ACE curriculium this year because of lack of funds in a big way. But I am hoping to start that up next year.. the CS method. :)

Hugs... miss you!