Thursday, October 1, 2009

A little bit of this and that from our first weeks...

Blowing bubbles with the dog in, yes, his brand new favorite pj's.

I wanted to take a minute and share a little of what we have been doing at our place over the last few weeks. This is a little of our work from Week Three of Classical Conversaions. We're having a blast there, singing and memorizing and science and art.

And a little home are too. I am loving the easel that I picked up for just $15 at Ikea this summer. I use is everyday. Joey loves to do his math there when the paper gets boring (windows work too) and it's fun to practice sounding out words to Nate too;
replace out M= TOP
replace the O= TAP
replace the T= MAP

When Nate gets tired of sounding out words in books, this is a fun game for us. A great way to reinforce the phonics we've already learned and a great way to keep it fun. I love it that the easel is portable and of course the kids are having a great time playing with it and leaving cute messages for each other at too.
I don't have any great photos (guess I'm waiting until we've painted and organized) but this is our study. Ralph put a new doorway (and doors) in the wall that goes into the study from our schooling area. It's expanded our school area. The boys often times work in the study on the floor while other boys are working at the table. It makes for quiet space for the boys to spread out and work when they're working independently, which they're doing a lot, and I love the space for organizing too. Yeah Ralph!
Our Geography this year consists mainly of the study of Africa. Each week we learn more about a section of Africa, the kids trace the rivers, seas or countries while they learn the names of the places. This is part of Classical Conversations again.

I'll be posting too some of our tree photos soon, we checked out some trees and their leaves and bark at a local park, in no time at all we'll be there again, checking out up close and personal the effects of fall. You'll see! We'll make a seaonal/tree book.

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Kellie said...

I love mythology too! Cool stuff on your easel.