Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mornin' Peeps!

...or should I say peepers. Nothing in the world makes me more curious to see that there are folks stopping in to peek at the blog and I've NO idea who they are. Some one from Madras?? Another from India?

I just wonder who you are. And what you had for breakfast this morning. And what your home is like, and how many kids you have, and whether you hate cleaning bathrooms as much as I? Do you keep a garden? Do you homeschool?

So when you drop by, leave me a comment and share with me your blog too! ;)


Debra said...

(busted)! LOL. I've been lurking trying to figure out our connection as you've totally honored me by having my brand new blog on your blog roll (rootedinhope). Thank you.

My two kids (7 & 6) go to a Christian school but I love some of your homeschooling ideas and links. My house is in a constant state of messiness, but it is "home" and I am thankful for the roof over our heads.

I'm not from an exotic place ... unless you consider a Virginian suburb outside of DC to be exotic (alien, yes; exotic, probably not). My garden is over grown and badly in need of some TLC, but my kids, cats and husband are thoroughly loved on and reasonably well-tended.

As for the bathroom...can't say it is my favorite job, but it is one of my "go to" activities when I need to busy my hands while my mind works through questions and my heart ponders God. For some reason, the kids leave me alone when I'm cleaning the bathroom. ?

Now, totally optional, but if you would like to return the favor and share a favorite verse, song or poem of praise on my blog, I'm picking random comments on Sunday and sending out a set of note cards to the "winners." (Post:

Thanks for your encouraging blog!

Cathy said...

You're cute.

Isn't it fun?!

I just spent the day yesterday with a blogging friend who is a kindred spirit. She's from Arkansas and this was our MIRL (meeting in real life)! She is lovely inside and out! What a blessing this blog world can be...

Love that I know YOU in real life;)
Miss ya, though.

Amy said...

You are so dang cute.

Done and the end.

hugs and loves... AZ AMY :) Just in case ya didn't know!

Thru a Tori-lens said...

Love your blog! I live in Bend and blog at (Juniper and Grace) and also at (my Barefoot Books blog). I'll be watching this one! Good stuff...

Thru a Tori-lens said...

ah... I forgot the details- chickens, greenhouse, a beautiful 3 year old (with more on the way, God willing), and a lovely husband who is also my best friend. We are "plugged in" at Westside Church and love our life in Central Oregon (especially the snow)!