Friday, October 2, 2009


Today is my birthday.

Yes, Thank you, happy Birthday to me.

When I woke up this morning I was delighted to hear the whispers and scrambling around of my sweet boys "making mischief of one kind and another." I had an idea of what was happening down there, and it thrilled me- not so much because it's my birthday but because I have this family that loves me....and it's mutual. At any rate, I got up and came down, ready to act surprised.

I didn't have to act.

There were streamers hanging all around, and I mean ALL around the house. The boys were working hard at making cards for me. Ralph was working out in the office. I walked through the living room, apparently going where no boy had yet gone today because I stepped into a pile of dog vomit. (Surprise)

Happy Birthday to me.

I pulled off my sock, disposed of it and hobbled over to the sink to wash my hands. Enters sweet husband with arms open wide to hug me...

"Just a minute," I say with an edge. "I just stepped in vomit.

The kind man gave me my space.

The boys are amused and fascinated, as they should be (they ARE boys) and Joey immediatley responds;

"Happy Barfday Mom."

I am blessed, with a wonderful, loving, AND witty family.


Jenny said...

Barfday... THAT is hilarious.

But really, happy birthday. I just love birthdays. I think everyone should have one. Oh wait....

Hilary said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday, lady! I'm glad you have 4 sweet boys to share the journey with :)

Amy said...

Happy happy Barf, I mean Birthday to you! he he... loved that!

Hugs.. .A