Monday, August 10, 2009


( A note to my homeschooling over here for some great thoughts on organization and priorities)

We drove over the mountains last weekend to stay with my double cousin*, her husband and girls to watch the annual Hula performance that the girls have taken part in. This year the younger of the two was participating, it was a delight to see her perform in her last year.

We also got to have an afternoon with my grandparents, who are my dad's folks. It was a treat!

A puzzle makes for good work to do with the hands while you visit.

Nathan Dean gets a minute with his Grandpa Dean. Not only does he have his name, but almost his birthday, off by only a day. I tried.

My sweet doubley-cousin and her daughter, S.

My Grandma Ione, who shares a birthday with Eli, I did it! and my cousin's daughter, L.

At the Hula we had traditional Luau. This is my Uncle Dave, Dad's brother. Look-alike? He is next to his wife, Mom's sister, then my uncle and another of Mom's sisters. Confused yet?

The boys cooled off before the show. This photo was taken just before Eli fell in- completely.

L is in this photo, sweet dancer.

More little hula girls...

....and this is how the night ended. Snoozing boys.

*Double Cousin is the official term for mom's sister is married to my dad's brother. Cute, huh?

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Amy said...

My gosh! What fun is that???
Love all the pics, Amanda! Felt like I was hula'ing right with you guys!