Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thinking about thinking...

For the Preschool-boy:

Bookwork: Several Workbooks I've picked up at Costco, Barnes and Noble and Walmart.
Fun Learning: Lots of fun manipulatives.
Lots of fun flash cards.
Play doh & the Bean Bucket keep little hands busy when he wants to be with the big working brothers and they're busy.
Sports: Soccer in September/ October

For the Kindergarten-boy:

Book Work: Handwriting, Math, workbooks from
Costco, B & N, and Walmart.
Math: Singapore 1st year math
when ready.
Reading: Bob Books for first readers.
Fun Learning: Lots of fun flash cards and learning games.
Sports: Soccer in September/ October

For the Second Grade- boy:

Math: to complete K12 2nd grade math book. Afterward, Singapore or Math U See?
Penmanship: Handwriting Without Tears
Language Arts: Wordly Wise, Completing 2nd year Language Arts book from K12, later (Rod and Staff? IEW?
Spelling: Spelling Power
Reading: I have complied a reading list for Joe
Sports: Soccer for Joe too

For All-boys:

Misc: Note booking pages
Science: Nature Walks, Nature Journals, hoping to do an in depth study of birds this year
History: History of the World
Bible: I'm going to buy the Seeds Music sets, and listen, listen, listen. We'll work on the memory work at home too.
Character: I signed up for an E-zine that has regular lessons for parents to pass on regarding character. Check it out here.
Read Alouds: I have a list I've compiled am and working through.
Schedule for Me: The Well-Planned Day

Wish List for Learning and Fun:

Some Body (Board Game)
10 days in the USA (Board Game)
Classical Music Start Up Kit
Boggle Jr.
Professor Noggin
Settlers of Catan
Story of the Orchestra

Books I want to Check Out:

"Reading the Right Books"
"The Case For Classical Education"

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