Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moral Dilemma and the events our our evening.

I'm writing to you on my husbands work computer from the luxury of my bed in an RV park in Boise, Idaho.

It's been 100 degrees here (how do I make a degree sign on this thing?) and I'm so grateful to be spoiled with air conditioning. I feel for the folks that don't have it.

Tonight we pulled into town and headed straight for the pool. It was an indoor pool, and the deck was at least 100 degrees + humidity. Not so fun for the observing parents. So we decided against the pork chops and asparagus we planned to grill up and headed for a nifty litte pizza joint in town. On the way back we stopped at a playground to let the kids burn it off a little longer before we required them to crawl into bed.

There was a great game of tickle tag, a Perko family talent show..and then 4 cop cars came rolling into the parking lot next to us sirens blaring and screaming at the occupants of a pick up to get their hands up. I saw a kid jump from the truck before the police got there. I moved toward the scene to tell the police what I'd seen...the officer signaled for me to stop then I saw that the police had their guns drawn. Crazy stuff.

I got back to the playground and Ralph and I took the boys away, to the back of the park. Our car was right near all the action. We stayed away until things died down then left, feeling relieved to be out of there.

Overall, first impression of Boise, not so hot.

But that story is the worst of our trip. It's been a wonderfullly busy time of hitting museums and zoos, aquariums and visitor centers. I can't believe how little I know about the history of our States. We've also been hopping from RV park to RV park and we're learning about the culture...Ralph and I have both decided we prefer the State Park scene. It's been a great trip though, I'm sure I'll have a million photos for you all to see when we get home, tomorrow.

One more long day in the car across Eastern Oregon, NOT a very interesting drive. Nothing and more nothing, there is. We'll be home tomorrow, but maybe not for too long. We love this camping gig. I am missing you though, all my Redmond friends and blogging buddies!

I leave you with this dilemma...

What would you do?

Two young bathing-beauties lounge next to the pool, working so hard to get the attention from any male at the pool. It's working, one of them has an astonishingly see-through bathing suit. My husband thank goodness had gone to the grocery store.

My boys, oblivious (for now) begin their routine of jumping in the pool- climbing out- jump in- climb out, splashing the now-soggy-unhappy-beauties. I ask my sweet boys not to splash the beauties, move to another corner to jump?


Do I let them jump in hopes that the girls will get cold and go put more clothes on?

What would you do??


Karyn said...

Hmmm...well why are they wearing "swim" suits and at a pool if they aren't intending to get wet....

Glad you had an eventful trip!

Becky said...

Keep on jumpin!!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Jump on... you could be saving them from future poor decisions!

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

What would I do? Absolutely nothing! Sounds like the situation was working itself out just fine. Imagine being splashed at a pool?! Duh!