Sunday, July 12, 2009

We made it!

We made it to Colorado. The drive was amazing...amazingly long and amazingly beautiful. I am ashamed to admit I had NO idea that Wyoming is mostly at 8,000 elevation and that there is so LITTLE between us and Denver on that long highway we drove.

And yes, I say we because I did drive. Most of it was straight, flat, just the way I like it. And there were many, many roads Ralph was driving I was SO grateful not to be driving on.

The boys were amazing, but it was so much to ask. I think we put in about 10 hours of driving time on Friday. Exhausting. But we all made it, even Guineau who bumped along in her cage in the camper too. We left Juneau behind and are glad. We are staying in a "city" campground and it's crowded, noisy and not the place for a big dog. Not to mention that long, long drive.

Anyhow, we are settled in for the next week, Ralph will go to work in the morning and I'll do the norm...laundry, groceries, take the kids to the pool. Today we went to the zoo, a waterfall, had lunch IN a mountain stream (it was hot), hit BK's 31 flavors and then Target for some essentials. The boys are happy and I'm happily exhausted. Should go join my sleeping family.

Missing you all...and of course there are photos to come. I think you'll just have to imagine me driving that beast for now...


runninggal said...

ROAD TRIPS are our way of life! So, I have always stocked full a Mommy bag. I keep it packed with summer road trip fun for each kiddo and I keep it mysterious so it is extra special when I offer an item from the bag for them to do.

THis year my bag is no less then 2 feet wide with stuff. Our first 14 hour trip (we did in one day) down to Bishop CA was truly fun. It went quick.. I loved it. The bag made it so!

gOOD JOB Amanda! We leave for our 5-weeker next week. :)

Karyn said...

Sounds like fun! Miss you guys...can't wait to see pics :)

Kristin said...

Amanda, I am so glad you are all having fun. What a great adventure for the boys. You are doing such fun things and making so many wonderful memories. We miss you around here and can't wait to see all your wonderful pictures.