Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colorado Trip Photos

Because a woman can only do so much laundry and housework after camping, I'm sitting down to share some of the photos of our adventures with you.

Also, I just learned that some very, very special friends of ours are having twins. They have two little boys right now, now they get a boy and a girl!! Would that be fun!? Congrats, Mike and Lana...

Our trip to Colorado was very scenic. I think it was about a 22-24 hour drive. Otherwise known as L-O-N-G. AND, as I mentioned, there was not much to see on our drive, but land. I did take some photos to share of the scenery.

(These photos are a little mixed up, I didn't take the time to get them all straight...)

Our first night was spent at the Burns RV Park.

We left Juneau home and brought Guinea to protect the campsite instead.

Our first day in Colorado City we visited the Zoo.

/>Sleepy Monkeys


And we brought Guinea too, Juneau stayed at home with some kind friends.


Amy said...

Oh is the the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Amanda? Did you love it? I think that zoo had to be one of my most favorites... Loved how they built into and included the mountain and the vegetation around it... man, wish we could have played with you guys there... one day! We are still hoping that God has Colorado Springs for us... maybe in a year :)

Thanks for sharing your pics.. been really excited to see them!

Hugs.. A

Cathy said...

That looks like an awesome zoo! Glad you had a good time! You guys are just little vagabonds this summer, aren't you?:) How about you vagabond your way over to the valley...;)

(the kids have been asking when they get to see Joey, Nathan, and Eli again.)