Monday, June 22, 2009

The Climbing Mind: setting up shoppe

To the kids:

Your challenge this week is to build a store. Inside, outside...groceries or a lemonade stand. The sky is the limit! Set up your store, take some photos and then play awhile.

Some tools you can use:

price stickers (or masking tape)
calculator or cash register
can you make a shopping cart?

Have Fun!

To the parents:

Younger kids can choose toys to 'sell' in their own store. Maybe you can play with them awhile, talking about where to find the cheese in the store or practice bagging their purchases. They'll probably carry them around all day in a bag.

This is a good opportunity to show your bigger kids a little simple math and pricing. Again, talk about where you'll find the eggs in the store, or a book or sandwich bags. Practice a little adding the items too.

Challenge even older kids by having them count change back to you. Have them draw up pretend checks and write them up. Or of course let them set up a lemonade stand. I've come to realize that my 3, 5 and 7 year olds can do almost all of the work alone and they love make the posters and standing out there all afternoon even if they only bring in a quarter.

Please remember never to leave your kids out by the street alone. Mommies, grab a book, a chair, buy yourself a lemonade and sit back and listen to your kids call out "LemonADDDEE for Sale!!!"

To Submit Your Entry:

When you have photos to share, post it to your blog. Then add your name and url to Mr. Linky below sometime before next Monday. This gives your child a full week to polish their project and submit it. Be sure to surf through the other entries with your child. This will inspire them and encourage them in what they're learning.

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