Monday, June 22, 2009

Air? Please? A dull moment?...

I think this has been my in a long, long time.

Sunday we packed up the car and drove to Portland for a Classical Conversations teaching practicum. I took in more information than I have since college, I'm certain in those three days. Our classes were from three to nine at night (I'm not sure who scheduled that) so the mornings were spent in the hotel pool. We also got in a visit with my nephew and sister at a beautiful park there. It was really fun. Needless to say, the kids were up waaay past their bedtimes every night and so we came home (at 10 pm) on our very last little leg. The boys were fantastic there. They all had a class to go to. Nate does not like to be away from us at all, he cried until Ralph fanagled and slipped him into class with Joey. For the rest of the 6 hour classes he did great and was happy to be with big kids. Eli, on the other hand didn't love being in his class (I think it was a bit chaotic) so he sat with Ralph and I for most of our classes. I was impressed at how well he sat. I also have some fun drawings of his own to share with you someday soon.

So we got home, tired....and we have company!! Now company has been nothing but pleasure...eating out, swimming, hiking and the like---my in-laws drove up from Northern California to join us for a week of vacationing. They're staying at Eagle Crest so we've gotten to swim at the pool there, Ralph and his dad have played a little golf too. We went out for dinner (got a sitter) to the Blacksmith in Bend...the best steak that's ever crossed my lips. We hiked yesterday in Bend and then went to dinner. Today is Father's Day so we'll plan to BBQ here, I'm glad we'll be able to just be home for five minutes.

So we've yet to launch in to the bored summer mode. Right now I'm looking forward to that but frankly I can't find it on my calendar.

One day I'll update you all with some photos too. :) Have a wonderful father's day.

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Amy said...

phew! It does sound like you have been hitting summer running! Wow! Will be praying for you, girl! Much grace and strength :) Looking forward to hearing all that you learned! :)

Hugs.. Amy